Titular Glorification, Binary Thinking & Monochrome Morality.

In the animal kingdom, supremacy is determined by physical strength. More powerful the species, more dominance it possesses. Humans, having being evolved from apes still possess those traits deep-enrooted in our genes, but have taken a variant version to our evolution, into a completely different species.

One of them is status-driven culture. We still have hierarchy in our society. But, it isn’t anymore about physical strength, but political, financial & intellectual strength. Any more of statuses that fall within these criteria’s encompasses immense influence.

Here’s a more relatable example. People judge & value one other based on the intensity of validation people give for different kinds of occupation. Society, in general having a deeply-engrained status-culture categorizes professions in low-respect & high-respect ones. So, again — the more respectful & wealthy a profession is, the more they’re looked up to. Our monarchical history does have a huge influence in this culture, but that’s for another discussion.

I believe this is very toxic. Why can’t we view every profession with equalized respect? Doesn’t society need all types of people to function with harmony? Now, you could raise a point. Certain professions are low-respected because they have less leverage. Alright. Agreed. But, isn’t creating more leverage an skill by itself which can be learnt through iterations & experience?

This falls into the deeper levels of toxicity when people over enormous influence within families & societies propagate this as the norm, thus breeding a whole generations of status-parasites.

Status Games are inevitable. It’s a part of our culture. What we can do is regulate it intellectually. Just with a bit of wisdom & morality. That’s all it takes. This change can be brought in a section of the society, but I don’t have much hope with the majority.

Why? Because, when one takes anything to the majority, the core values are always ended up compromising for consensus — the key devil.

Binary thinking roots from associating all kinds of activities a person does to a singular element or theme or interest. The books they read, the podcasts they listen, the series & films they watch, the stuff they consume & more. It’s all in one specific category.

So, what’s the problem? Actually there is no problem at all. Maybe it’s their interest & it’s perfectly fine if they’re genuinely happy. At the end of the day, don’t we do all of this for happiness & peace?

Personally speaking, I find binary people immensely boring. This is just my personal choice, like everyone has theirs & not meant to offend anyone. I’m a man of diversity. I seek immense choices to explore. I can’t line-up all of my choices in life into a specific niche interest. I can’t thrive with such people or environments either. It’s a no-growth zone for me. Maybe it isn’t for someone. Differences are a part of our culture & we should be able to deal it in an healthy manner.

I work in & around information technology. There are individuals & circles within my networks who associate literally every singular aspect of their life — work or personal or other, with tech. Even in an conversation, the mutuals always end up being tech & I frickin’ hate it. It’s none’s fault. This is just how my interests are shaped & that’s why I’m seeking a diverse social circle from all walks of life.

Who determines what’s right & wrong?
Isn’t it all about perspectives viewed from?

Being an status-driven, binary culture we’re engrained deep with years of evolution that for our success, we need to bring down someone. In an carnivorial world, where the metric of victory is determined by strength, yes. But, in today’s world, It’s about intellectual strength. This is a very positive-sum over zero-sum game & people don’t realise this.

The number of good people in the world who genuinely wish for the goodness of others without selfish motives are very low. People go to horrendous extremes for dominance, authority, power & victory to satisfy their own appetites of morality censored from their narcissistic point of view.

If you can’t find good people around you, be one.
Leading by examples, over preaching.

I’m trying to be one. Are you?



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