Free-flowing, Self-Affirmations & The Alchemy Of Happiness.

Free-Flowing, A Way Of Life

First things first. What’s free-flowing? It’s about surrendering oneself to the natural flow of life. It’s about not restraining oneself, on every single instance, to ensure literally everything goes their way. Let’s face it, life is unpredictable. Life is all about randomness & that is where the beauty roots from. I believe that we need to have a bigger picture in life, but try not to discipline too much even on the smallest of levels, because then we’re massacring the possibilities of randomness.

Disciplining Our Internal Voices

Most of the world is just noise. The more we filter out this, the more peace we attain. Let’s say we did filter the shit out by mastering the subtle art of not giving a fuck. Have we taken into consideration our internal noise? The noise of overthinking?

The Alchemy Of Happiness

Happiness is subjective. The meaning of happiness is very personal, varying from person to person & there is no need to appease anyone for our meaning of happiness. But, by what metric do we measure happiness is very vital.



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