Enhancing Typing Experience | Manglish Keyboard | Product & UX Case Study

🥳 Getting Started — Manglish Case Study

🚨 Problem Statement

👀 Core User Pain Point — Explained

✨ Approach & Solutions

💡Feature Idea #1 — ML Model automatically correcting & updating right translations within Manglish Dictionary.

💡Feature Idea #2 — Monitor number of times a word is backspaced & give an pop-up option to suggest the right translation.

💡Feature Idea #3 — Enhancing Transliterations Suggestions.

Manglish’s Transliterations.

🚀 Feature Prioritizations

Value Framework

Effort Framework

👉 Will this feature/update push our goals and metrics forward if we build it? — This signifies how important the feature is.

How is this decided?

👉 Can we feasibly build it with the resources we have?

How is this decided?

💪 Conclusions

👋 Prepared & Crafted by

Rahul Janardhan | work.jnrdhn.in




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