Demystifying Content Creation, FOMO & Healthy Socials Usage.

Why does this negative stigma around content creation persist?

Is content creation evil? Why does it feel so much fake? Or is it just me?

Goodbye FOMO, here’s JOMO — Joy Of Missing Out!

Joy of Missing Out, or enjoying what you’re doing in each moment without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Healthy Usage Of Social Media & Maintaining Significant Boundaries

For all the topics we discussed about today, be it from content to fomo, It all roots down to social media & our consumption habits. Socials aren’t evil, they’re just yet another tool for connecting with people. What matters is how we choose to perceive it. This is where boundaries come in.

Why did I write this at the first place?

My personal metrics of belief for something to be seeded depth within my school of thoughts is by writing it & even sharing it. This filters out the streams of ideas in my mind & brings clarity. The more I write, the more I discipline my thoughts.



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